What is Credentialing??

Credentialing is a type of agreement between a dentist and an insurance carrier to accept the negotiated fees of the contract in order to access a large network of patients. A credentialed dentist is required to carry out procedures within the accepted fee schedule and to provide good dental care. In return, they can look forward to greatly increased revenue streams from their own practice. It is helpful for students who are starting their own practices or want an expanded network. 

Why credentialing is important for dental professionals?


In the dental profession, credentialing is one of the most important things and this process of taking an individual's credentials and matching them up with a dental service provider. It is a practice of verifying information about applicants before allowing them to join specific dental programs with all insurance panels. Dental programs may decide to adopt a formal credentialing program to keep their patients safe by ensuring that those that provide patient care are qualified, educated, and trained to do so. It becomes extremely important for dentists who have opened the practice a while ago and wanted to treat more patients.


Why credentialing is important for dental professionals?

Credentialing is the lengthy process needed to become a participating dentist in an insurance company’s network. There are a number of factors that affect the length of time it takes to complete credentialing with a specific insurance company, including insurance company administration, geographic location, and if additional clinical information is needed from the dental professionals. 


Generally, it takes 30 to 180 days from the date the application is being submitted especially for PPO Insurance panels.

Who are we (Dentistry Billing & Consulting)??

At Dentistry Billing and Consulting, we are committed to providing quality credentialing services for all your needs. Depending on your requirements. and we conduct in-depth research on your behalf, ensuring that you will receive the maximum possible networks. Choosing a wide range of network panels is decided by the dentists.

Why should you choose us to do your Credentialing?

We process your contracts quickly and professionally as we are our Credentialing experts and carry in-depth knowledge with every insurance company. Our online services make it easy to submit the applications at your convenience. We send you periodic updates while processing your contract and offer a 1-month provider maintenance service. Once we receive approval, we notify you immediately.