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What is outsourcing dental insurance billing??

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution that lets you focus on dentistry while we take care of the tedious dental billing tasks.

Why do dental practices need successful and profitable dental billing companies? 

With years of experience, every dentist aims for running practice ONLY if they have a good staff with expertise in the same field, well-advanced equipment, and the latest technologies for treating patients.


Who bears the cost??? DENTIST

Who pays the staff ?? DENTIST

Who pays for equipment and dental labs fees?? DENTIST

When does Insurance pay the dentist for patients' claims? MINIMUM 15 days, varies from Insurance and Insurance.

dentistry-billing-service-billing-collection (1).png
Billing and Collection: Packages

How do your services help dental offices to
collect 100%?

Your patient's claims are submitted with a turnaround time of 12hours from the Date of Services.

Our periodic automated cycles help us to identify claims that are billed for more than 15 days and not paid yet. This way our staff utilizes this system to follow up on unpaid claims.


Another track we handle is when the payments get deposited into the dentist's bank account and how many patients are paid under one check.


The above two tracking helps us to find which are not paid yet and our expertise takes immediate action or a decision to follow up for unpaid bills.

Our round-the-clock service helps your office process revenue 3 times faster.

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