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Why does a dental office require insurance verification?

By utilizing an automated insurance verification system, businesses can save time and money in training new hires, providing staff benefits, and reducing billing errors. Furthermore, office managers can benefit from explicit insurance breakdowns, improved patient quality care, and immediate attention for emergency patient verification. Additionally, treatment plans are more accurate and detailed, and offices can collect upfront patient fees for non-covered treatments on the basis of verification.

What do we (DBC) cover in insurance Verification?

  • We provide both non-payable and pay benefits at DBC, including loading yearly maximum amounts and individual or family deductibles. Each dentist office's unique needs are taken into account when creating our adaptable dental plans, resulting in easy claim invoicing to insurance.

  • We understand the value of rapid service, particularly in an emergency. Because of this, we provide same-day emergency verification and have a committed staff on call 24/7.

  • Verification of same-day emergencies and timely replies. devoted to providing services around the clock. Notifying dental clinics three days in advance of insurance termination, cancellation, or exhaustion.

Which practice management software are you versed with?

In summary, dental clinics and practices in the USA now depend heavily on dental practice management software. Dental practitioners may enhance patient care overall and optimize their operations by utilizing these technological solutions. Investing in trustworthy practice management software, whether you choose Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or another option, may help your dental office run more smoothly and successfully.

We are well versed with :

  •  Open dental

  •  Dentrix Ascend

  • Curve

  •  Dentrix

  •  Fuse Patterson

  •  Eaglesoft

  •  Softdent

  •  Mogo

  •  Denticon 

  •  25+ other Softwares 

7 keys & Benefits of using DBC Insurance Verification Services

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