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At DBC, we are looking for individuals who share our values of perseverance, inclusiveness and doing the right thing at all times. We believe in striving for global standards and excellence while remaining committed to ethical employment practices. If you are passionate about upholding these values and are looking for a workplace that aligns with them, then DBC could be the perfect fit for you



If you are interested in a career in the dental industry, working in a dental office can be a great opportunity. Dental offices employ a variety of professionals, including dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, receptionists, and office managers. These individuals work together to ensure that patients receive the best possible dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Some of the responsibilities of working in a dental office may include scheduling appointments assisting with dental procedures and managing patient records. If you are detail-oriented, enjoy working with people, and have a passion for oral health, a job in a dental office may be a great fit for you.

  1. Dentist

  2. Dental Hygienist

  3. Dental Assistant

  4. Dental Receptionist

  5. Dental Office Manager

  6. Dental Technician

  7. Dental Sales Representative

  8. Dental Anesthesiologist

Exploring Career Opportunities in Dental Offices

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