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Increase revenue for the dental office? How do we as Insurance verification expert help to Increase?

What is Insurance verification??

Dental Insurance verification is a process of verifying complete benefits for every patient that has an appointment with every dental office. It is a time-consuming process as one needs to have separate time allotted to verify benefits because insurance gets 1000 calls every day from doctors, patients, and various customers around. It becomes difficult to get hold of an Insurance representative when an insurance coordinator or front desk job handles patients in the office at the same time while you are on long holds. That is the point where your quality of job goes down because every staff member in a dental office wants to be a multi-task for a win-win situation.

Why is Insurance verification a crucial step for any Dental Practice?

Insurance verification is a crucial first step in helping ensure that patients pay only their share of the cost. It's also important to provide a proficient and comfortable experience by eliminating any confusion over the costs of treatment. It is critical to delivering high-quality dentistry, and we believe it should be easy for everyone to understand.

How do we as Insurance verification expert helps to Increase Revenue for the dental office?

We at All-Clear Insurance Verification Services provide an end-to-end solution with 100% accuracy. This is all done by our industry experts who perform these Insurance Verification services round the clock so that you can focus more on your core objectives – to provide quality care to your patients.

We are highly trusted by dentists and dental offices for benefits verification, prior authorization requests, and other related verification processes. We have a team of experienced dental billers who can address your needs to changes in the system and keep it updated with the latest specifications.

Our back-office dental insurance verification services help you focus on the quality of care you provide to your patients by helping you to maximize your reimbursement rates and reduce denials due to administrative errors. Our team offers hassle-free and fast dental insurance verification online from the convenience of your office.

Disturbing and unmanageable work at the desk, right?

We spend time over the phone with tricky insurances that are not easy to get hold of. Meanwhile, your office gives your patient the best experience right from welcome greetings to making them comfortable for dental treatments in operatories.

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